Thanks for coming back! For the first real post on this website I'm gonna quickly type up a few things about the main projects I'm trying to work on at the moment. Starting with The Visualiser.

The Visualiser is a story idea I initially came up with back in 2011 that dealt with cyborgs/immortality for the rich/crime, etc, that I've been wanting to work on for years but never really had a good idea format-wise. About a month ago at work (I work for a local television studio) we had an internal 'create a trailer for a new tv show' challenge and I decided to throw something together for The Visualiser.

Except it'd be animated.

Which was a huge fucking ask of myself to try and knock together 45 seconds of cool animated trailer on top of my normal workload and having a life. But I did it! I'm not going to post the finished thing for a while because there are a couple of shots I've been meaning to tidy up.

I will, however, leave you with some timelapses of some of the shots. Next week I'll post some finished shots, and maybe the week after I'll post the actual real deal finished trailer.


The other project I've been working on is a comic called The Last Magi, that I debuted at Chromacon in April. I'm scripting the second chapter at the moment, and you can read the first chapter over at Tapas.

That's all for this week! Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad for the company.