a lil bit sick

Hey all! Starting the writing portion of this blog post in the middle of the week and I'm feeling pretty under the weather! Enjoy.

Trying to figure out what form I want this blog to take, whether I should structure it at all. I'm gonna try a structure for this week and then I'll see if I feel like doing the same next week or not! Anyway,


So this trailer is getting there! I've got some music have my friend Nick Schaedel put together that sounds great (if you want to listen, have a look at the timelapse videos I posted last week, I used the soundtrack as the audio on those)

Here's a couple of finished shots for you to look at:

Next up is to finish off a couple of shots that I have in a half finished state at the moment, and then I'll basically have a finished trailer. I'll post the final thing either next week or the week after, but no further in the future than that!


I finally got around to starting the second script, but that's about all. I need to get onto drawing some concepts for it which is my plan for this week.

The Last Magi is inspired by videogames and RPGs and the like, so showing character progression via the collection of artifacts seems to me like a cool thing to include in the characters journey. This week I've also been thinking about monsters and other creatures that the Magi will encounter. In this particular story they're exploring an old forest + temple, so I'm gonna be playing around with some different creature inspirations for a post later in the week.


Splatoon 2 Losing Music (it's a real jam)
This talk on the design process for Destiny's UI
This piece on the underappreciated mechanical design of Akira Toriyama

That's it for this week, folks. See you next week with some more stuff.