The Last Magi is a weird fantasy series following a character, The Magi who is the apparent last of their kind. Convinced to set out upon a revenge quest by a mysterious voice, they begin to trek across the world looking for six vastly powerful entities; the ones who committed the genocide of their people.

You can buy digital copies of the series below.


So far The Last Magi is the only comic of mine you can buy through this website. You can head along to Funtime Comics to purchase Volume 28 and 29, which contain the first two episodes of Solheim's Curse. You could also check out unfinished Chronicles of Paliax, which is a historical account of how my art progressed from early 2012 to 2015, or Majestic 9, a superhero comic that follows my journey of trying to use physical media and then realising that I prefer to work digitally.